Romeo found Juliette on the Subway ...

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Chalva Gourouli

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Friday, November the 4th, 2011

Romeo found Juliet in the subway


Once upon a time, at New York, on November the 4th 2007 it was 9:30 pm.
Patrick Moberg a seductive single man took the 5 train from Union Squares and got off at Bowling Green, when suddenly he saw a wonderful girl, it was love at first sight, She was sitting there, writing on a pad, she was beautiful , she was perfect, She was so cute with her braided hair and her flower in the back left of it. She was wearing bright blue shorts and dark blue tights. Her cheeks were rosy like a porcelain doll, she was gorgeous, just like the girl of his dreams. Patrick couldn't resist at the call of this perfect creature, but when he tried to talk to her, she disappeared into the crowd, left Patrick alone with her last sight...
At this moment, he was like the prince in Cinderella. Prince had a Cinderella's shoe to find his Princess whereas Patrick had the image of his princess in his mind to find her...

His name is Patrick Moberg, he's 21, he's a New yorker website developer...

On that very beautiful day of November the 4th 2007, those two characters didn't know, back at the time, that this day would become their own Valentine's day. In the dark subway, those two soul mates lighted up the obscurity. Under the first light was hidden an angel, Camille Hayton. She was wearing blue tights and blue gym shorts. She got rosy cheeks and fancy braided hair with a beautiful rose in it, like if this was the sign of this flourishing love. He was staring at her, already sure that she was going to be his lover forever. Because he was shy, less people would pay attention to him. Skinny and tall, banal , he felt like the toad beside the princess; that was already predicting a magic fairytale...

When romantic Patrick found his perfect girl, it was love at first sight. Indeed, they met up for a coffee they totally clicked. The girl who has stolen his heart was in front of him what made him “nervous” as he reported it in a newspapers. This was a nascent love affair which we hope will never end. The next day, the two love birds were invited at “Good Morning America” to explain to the world their incredibly romantic meeting. This interview showed the world the beginning of a great love story. Since, they are “hanging out together every day” as enthralled Patrick said in an article.

After this kind of marvelous meeting , it seems obvious that the two lovers wanted to be together for the rest of their lives. Indeed, few times later they decided to get married. And that's what happen the 4th of November 2008, exactly one year after their meeting in the subway. The bride of course was wearing a beautiful rose in the back left of her head as the night of their encounter . In an interview Camille explained that “it was like a fairy tale, I felt like Cinderella” .Six years later the dream still continues with the arrival of a little angel called Juliet. Is it the Shakespeare 's star crossed love that inspired it ?


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