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Posté par : hohn, le 19-09-2017 

quelle est le nombre de page moyen pour un livre

Posté par : Danader N, le 30-09-2017 


This book talk about responsibility we all know that the definition of adult is responsibility , when you become adult you take responsibility for your future life.
In your childhood your parents took care and looked after you, till now they still helping you in every situation but the time is coming when they wont do anything for you,. They just do that to prepare your future so that one day you also become like them ,protect and care ,and look after your children .
When you realize 18years old you really have experiences of life, you passed through good things and bad things you’ve made good and bad friends, you know its really good to have friends around us but having friends it doesn’t mean that everyone is going to be your friend.
Must know that there is friend and friends, some of your friends are totally useless and others are totally useful in your life, but useless people are more than useful ones.

Useless people are those people which are not able to add anything important in your life, they usually tell you about alcohol, prostitute, clubs, etc…..
Useless people are those ones with which you spend most of your time and their topic are really interesting , they often talk about clubs, ladies, games and so and forth .
Useless people are those ones who pretend as if they are going at school but reaching somewhere they dodge , they change the direction,
Don’t move one with such kind of friends they will make you in trouble, and sometime its difficult to avoid useless people . The time you give negative people that is the power they have nothing else.

Negative or useless people should get the at least of out time and energy ,yet we often give them the most attention. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch and often
Negative or useless people can cause problems for us individual level, perhaps it is that vendor who cause you to grit your teeth or maybe it is your colleague whom you avoid at all costs. It is really important to recognize when this useless or nrgative individuals intrude in your life in an welcome manner.
Here are five strategies to take back your power and to avoid those negative or useless people in your life.

Negative or useless people can monopolize your time even when they are not with you ,if you are not careful it is easy to spend two hours dreading a one hour meeting with a negative or useless person
Don’t allow Negative or useless people to steal your time and energy , Rather than complain about people you don’t enjoy , choose to stickup conversations about pleasurable topics .
Similarly instead of spending your commute thinking about how much you dislike that person , you have to work with turn on the radio and listen to music that reduces stress.

Spending time with negative or useless people can be the first time to ruin a food mood. Their pessimistic outlooks and gloomy attitude can decrease our motivation and change the way we feel , but allowing a useless person to dictate your emotion gives them too much power in your life , make a conscious effort to choose your attitude , create a mantra, try to be responsible such as “I’m gong to stay positive to day despite the people around me” and repeat it often to help your stay on struck. Take deep breath and decide that you are going to make it a great day, dispute what others say or do. Choose to be someone with your all value.

Useless people always influence what we think about, perhaps you are so distracted by your colleagues know it all attitude that you cant contribute productively to the meeting or rather than think how to improve your performance . you spend more time think about ladies, alcohol etc…..
Pay attention to how your thoughts change when you are faced with negative or useless people. The more time you spend dreading , fretting ,worrying and rehashing the less time you’ll have to devote to more productive things make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of mental energy you expend on useless person.

Useless people can bring out the worst in us if we are not careful, refuse to be leading by negative or useless people, refuse to spend your time with them, better remain without friend than having a hundred negative people around you.
Although it can be tempting to say “She makes me so mad “ blaming others for your conduct gives them more power, when you act in a manner that isn’t consistent with your usual behavior accept responsibility for it, commit controlling your emotional reactivity and staying true to your values. Despite your circumstances .

Its difficult to look on the bright side when you are surrounded by negative people, seek out positive people can brighten your spirit.
Identify the positive or useful people in your life, preactivity schedule time with them on a regular basics a quick lunch a jovial colleague or a family gathering that is guaranteed to be filled with laughter can help you stay on track .
Decide that you are not going to allow negative people or useless people to determine how you think , feel and behave tack back your power and focus your time and energy on becoming your best self.

This is the great moment to look at the positive people in your life,what role will they play in the next stage ?what do you want from them and what do they want from you? You now know what are useless or negative people.
In first stage you had useless people but in this second stage we are going to talk about five most important people to have on board during the crucial next stage of your life and carrer.

No matter how much of pain they may at times, these are the people that will always lookout for you if you are starting something new, looking for new opportunities your family will have your best interests at heart, when you want a realistic view of the future ,its worth turning to them as they will be there no matter the situation .

Your friendship circles change frequently when you’re young, so don’t get surprised with the new people that may come into your life , surround yourself with a good circle of people who will encourage each other to achieve their fullest potential , even if it is just one person.

This is most or less the person who plays a pivotal role in whether you get a new job or not, you need to have a good reference on your CV who know your work ethic and how good you are in professional environments , this person can be a teacher , a tutor or a manager so it is necessary to have an understanding of what importance and significance they have regarding the next career opportunity that comes your way, also make sure you tell the nominated referee that they have been picked ,because you don’t want them to get surprised when your future employer get in contact with them.

Religion may or maintop play apart in your life but if it does then it is always a comforting source of strength and guidance spirituality can help you in the significant life changes of choosing educational paths , choosing a career and many more, you don’t have to be religious to be helped by spiritual teachings either!!!.

When you start anything new you have the ability to decide whether this opportunity is right for you or not, the most importance thing is that you must be have with the decision you are about to make, don’t let others have too much influence over you because if you don’t understand the importance of making your own decisions new, then it will get harder as time goes on.
Make sure you are mentally prepared for new obstacles and for achieving your full potential, then you will be on the right truck to success, take time to determine the most important people in your life, and when it’s clear then you will know that you have built up a good support system. This is something necessary to analyze when moving into the next chapter of your life as it will help you to decide who to have around you when building your bright future!
Being responsible it doesn’t much about age, you can be responsible it doesn’t matter about your age, the definition of responsibility is: the opportunity or ability to act independently and take decision without authorization . Responsibility means something that is your job or duty to deal with.
It is usually had to start the next chapter of life if you keep rereading the last one, therefore before you make up your mind and think how to become responsible try to look at the back and see how was your yesterday or how was your past life so that you can get a good idea to prepare your tomorrows life in the best way.
Some people think that to be responsible you have to be quiet , you can be responsible and you are talkative person, don’t be quiet just because you want to become responsible , you can be talkative person but your words are really helping people , therefore don’t be talkative by talking nonsense, is better to stay quiet if you don’t have anything important to talk about, being talkative it doesn’t mean that you have to talk to everyone. As we said some people are negative or useless , you want to become responsible first deal with responsible person search for important people who will help you growing in thinking , who will always build your mind , try to look for someone who is above you in everything ,make sure you are the one who is going to benefit something from him or her.
Don’t spend your time doing a lot of nothing , it is now time to prepare your future , even if your past was somehow bad don’t worry and don’t give up , you cant change yesterday but you can do something today that can change tomorrow and this is the right time to change your world reposition yourself today ,make a new decision right now that will change your tomorrow , invest in your future .
Makeup your mind, something which can help you to reach your decision is only God, believe in what God made, god made you and he never made a failure , believe that god has a purpose for your life.
They are things which are not in abundance of life they are limited one of them is time, in the bible EPHESIANS 5:16 the bible says “making the most of your time because days are evil. COLOSSIANS 4:5 The bible says conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity.
Therefore be careful how you walk not as unwise men but as wise , save your time the bible says “ redeem the time because the day is arrive when you wont have extra time , what you make everyday count to your life , improve yourself every day , introduce something into your life that count . there is no extra time try to use your brain prepare your tomorrow I believe that your future will be great after reading this book
Do everything in the best way. If you are a student be a student with different , if you are a musician be a musician with a different , if you are a singer be a singer with a different ,whatever you do do it in the best way, put yourself and your best into what you are doing , remember you want to become responsible therefore you have to make your mind up in everything the important thing is doing things and act differently .
Success have been waiting for you for long time now it is your time to be a success don’t rest to much don’t spend your time in bed , don’t spend your time on wattsup , facebook , don’t spend your time in social media . make new decisions say to your self I will be a success . make an investment in your mind choose to be an advice , choose to be a problem solver the decision you make that’s what you will become. Life is to short to spend time we don’t have wasting time

Posté par : hohn, le 01-10-2017 

hi danader . i don't speak usully englih but i suppose this the guideline for this
thank's for you're help

Posté par : Danader N, le 01-10-2017 

Bonjour everyone . jemai bien ecrire d livre m jsuis pa doue dans sa jaurais besoin d votre aide

Posté par : hohn, le 02-10-2017 

If you want but this a first book for me . i think to the story the hero ( a teaneger 's) and why i want this story . what your story . me this in war

Posté par : DieterII, le 05-03-2018 

Le nombre de page moyen ? Je ne pense pas que cela ait ni beaucoup de sens, ni beaucoup d'importance...
Certains bons romans de gare ne comptent qu'une vingtaine de pages, Jules Verne ou plus près de nous Dan Brown nous captivent pendant 300 à 600 pages.
L'important, c'est que le lecteur n'ait pas envie de refermer le livre avant la fin. Malheureusement, bien souvent, je n'arrive même pas à aller au bout du synopsis, tellement je suis écœuré d'avance par les fautes...


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